Ever Heard The Term: Full Stack Web Development?

When it comes to app development, whether for mobile or desktop, an in browser solution is always the best bet. A web app can be run on any device that has a browser such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Etc...
Buying a web app over a native app will:

  • Save you money
  • Be deployed faster
  • Be available to a wider user group
  • Be easier to update
  • Be far more extendable


Custom application development is one of the most expensive services out there. Building a web app over a series of native apps saves you money because it only needs to be done once. Using the advanced languages available today, developing web apps is very efficient. This leads to reduced development time and less cost to the customer. 


Developing web apps is far more efficient than developing native apps which leads to reduced development time. Since they are cross-platform it also only needs to be done once, which dramatically reduces the time it would normally take to develop a series of apps for each platform. On top of all of that web apps don't need to go through the app store approval process.


A web app doesn't need to be built for a specific operating system because it runs exclusively in the user's browser. This is a huge advantage when you are looking to make your app available to a wide range of users. If you want your web app to be available on the app store you can package it into a hybrid app as well!



A huge issue with native apps is that a lot of the app is programmed and uploaded to the app store in a static way. Meaning in order to change certain details the developer needs to change them in the source file and re-upload. With a web app you can change things whenever you want without having to wait for app store approval.


One of the best features of working with web apps is that there is a ton of open source software you can plug into your app. This not only speeds of development time but say you want to add in features down the road, you can just plug them into the existing architecture.

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